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Junior SW Engineer

About the job

We are the tiny-big company; with a start-up mentality and where every engineer can add to the functional requirements as long it can be motivated. We are backed by a large corporation and release products on an international scale and market. With us, you will learn new programming paradigms and frameworks.
But for now, you describe yourself as a junior SW Engineer that wants to be specialized within Cloud.

About the Company:
Historically, Vema Venturi AB’s operations can be summarized as technical consultancy in the areas of modern concrete technology, electronics and information technology.
We develop and provide technical solutions for the manufacturing industry and construction contractors. Our own products include equipment for temperature and moisture measurement in concrete. Vema Venturi contributes creative solutions in the development phase in terms of both manufacturing technology and production adaptation and serves as a sparring partner in manufacturing methodology, evaluation of technical solutions and financial optimization of existing designs. Since 2018, Vema Venturi AB is owned by PERI GmbH, Weissenhorn, Germany.
PERI was founded in 1969 by Artur Schwörer and is today one of the world’s largest manufacturers of mold and scaffolding systems. It is a family-owned group headquartered in Weissenhorn, Germany. Today there are more than 70 subsidiaries and 140 logistics centers strategically located around the world. The Group has over 8700 employees and a turnover of just over SEK 14.80 billion.
Vema Venturi AB is a strategic development center that focuses on research and development of tomorrow’s technical solutions in IT and IoT.

More about the job:
You will be part of a cross-engineering R&D of selected engineers that develops IoT products with very specific use cases. Our products offer construction engineering an optimized approach to certain type of construction problems and pulls knowledge from both the private sector as well as academic.

You will be working closely with the engineers that designed the circuit boards of the devices that collects the metrics that are channeled through our own IoT system into the web service. The Web Portal and the Web Services is where you and fellow developers will be implementing as well as designing in terms of architecture. This will be your role to begin with – web services and the visual representation of them, but not mainly focused on web development as a product itself.
You will be laying the foundations of systems that need to be able to replicate, scale and be forked into different regions, use cases and situations. You turn the data into something meaningful.
You will work with container-orchestration and work with topics that are really in the center of most groundbreaking paradigm shifts in this IT-era. Moreover, you will enter the world of IoT if you never have done so before.

Your profile:
You hopefully hold a B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent.
If you do not possess knowledge or you are not an expert of any of the mentioned skills below – you do however need to possess the basics of what was taught in school and perhaps worked on some projects of your own that gave you a more in-depth understanding.
Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript are technologies you are well aware of. Also you know what a REST API are and can learn to handle such interfaces. In the case where you lack industry experience you will have to demonstrate some niche or skill that singles you out from other newly graduated. Moreover, you are generalist and have touched some interesting projects that show your ability to learn and adapt.

Interesting aspects will be that you have a sense of web service development as a career choice. You are interested in the cloud and its infrastructure. You have innate feel of how humans should interact with computers. You are interested in data visualization and distributed systems as well as web development.
If you lack a B.Sc. maybe you can demonstrate a strong and long-living passion of programming which suits our needs as good as anyone with a degree.

Your skill set:
You have:
• A B.Sc. in Computer Science or equivalent.
• Knowledge of micro-services and REST architectures.
• You feel comfortable with at least one Object-Oriented language and one scripting language
• Understanding fundamental concepts of HTTP
• JSON, XML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java.

Big plus experiences:
• React JS (or similar modern SPA framework)
• Kotlin (or other JVM-targeting language)
• Some scripting language (e.g. Python)
• Git and more advanced DevOps.

Other level/area:
You come from another field in computer science or engineering. You have experience in
programming however just not very much in the mentioned programming languages. You strongly believe however that you want to pursuit the path that we deal with in our IoT-based product – Or you feel a general interest and challenge in the role. Maybe you are a C++ programmer that now wish to work with web services and the cloud. You are maybe a system administrator with good grip of *NIX Operating Systems and have some PHP-background. Or you simply are a general programmer with experience of a bit of everything and now want to focus on this specific field: web service and
web development for IoT-based devices in the B2B-market with interesting cross-engineering problems.

What you will become:
Also known as the full-stack developer. You will become a sharp web services developer as well and front-end developer. You will be using modern setups that are future proof and meant for enterprise production scale IT products.

A small task will be given to all candidates that are deemed interesting. This task involves using some Object-Oriented language to create a web service(s). How you attempt to solve the problem is far more interesting than actually solving it.
You will have at least a week to actually solve the task.

In this recruitment we work with Dreamwork.
You apply by registering your resume on Dreamworks website, www.dreamwork.se
Selections and interviews may be ongoing. Therefore, apply for the job today!
Please note that they are not able to handle applications that are received by email.
If you have any questions about the job or recruitment process, you are welcome to contact recruitment consultant Petra Axvigg – email: petra.axvigg@dreamwork.se